Cement slap poured by Hardcrete Inc
Hardcrete can help you with your Flatwork projects, like 4" thick driveways, sidewalks, approaches to garages, etc. We can do it all, from the dirt work to providing the Redi-Mix and finishing.
Poured Walls
We have you covered! We have all the forms, the trucks and Redi-Mix to get the job done. But Hardcrete Inc can take it a step further: We will install beams and sill plates when needed. We offer complete turn-key solutions!

Hardcrete has been an associate member of Phoenix Engineered Wall, ICF Systems for 6 years. We are the only Distributor and Certified installer in Central Michigan. Contact Us to ask how these superior insulated forms can make a significant difference in your project!
Poured Walls for basement, by Hardcrete Inc
Photo of septic tank poured and installed by Hardcrete
Its important to know that Hardcrete Inc. not only can build the septic, but our experience will ensure the OTHER things are done right, like sizing appropriately and taking soil type into consideration. Every installation is different and requires attention to detail.
Drain Fields
Hardcrete Inc can take care of that grey water from your septic system. We also have the equipment and knowledge to install Engineered Systems, and repair any of them too!
Photo of a drainfield installed by Hardcrete Inc. in Michigan
Hardcrete Inc excavating in Weidman, MI
Contact Hardcrete Inc for your every day jobs, or the excessively difficult excavating jobs that no one else will touch.
Agricultural Work
Hardcrete Inc has experience in constructing Waste and Feed Storage facilities, Milking Parlors, Freestall Barnes and more.
Agricultural Waste Storage facility by Hardcrete Inc
Hardcrete Inc in Weidman Michigan has three cement trucks, two dump trucks, a bulldozer, an excavator and a backhoe. We also have our own Redi-Mix plant. This means we can provide you with a free quote for the entire job. No middle man and one contractor to work with means easier project coordination and lower costs. Contact Us to discuss your project and get a free quote now!

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