Do you provide Free Quotes?
Hardcrete Inc is happy to provide you with a free quote. Contact Us to discuss your project. If we think we can help, we will make arrangements to provide you with a quote!
What Makes Hardcrete Inc. different from other companies?
Hardcrete Inc has a complete Turn Key solutions for many of your projects. We have the Redi-Mix, the heavy equipment, forms, manpower and diverse background experience to start and finish the whole project. For example, if you are doing a house, modular, double wide, etc., we can break ground, put in drain fields, septic tanks, well, pour the pad and walls, put on ridge caps and even put up the steel beams. Everything will be full ready for the electricians, plumbers and builders. Our extensive experience also allows us to consider jobs that a lot of less experienced companies won't touch.
Does Concrete Crack?
A lot of companies won't tell you this, but the answer is "Yes." Nature has a way of taking its toll on concrete. The ground shifts, extreme prolonged dry weather and other factors can cause it to crack. There are steps that a good install company can do to minimize the cracking, such as properly mixing the ingrediants, not using too much water, using the correct size and amount of re-enforcement, such as rebar and pouring the right thickness for the job.
How thick should we have the concrete?
As you might expect, it depends on the application. If its a surface that someone is driving on, it depends on the vehicle weight, etc. Contact Us and we can discuss it. Note: If you are being told something that doesn't sound right, get a 2nd opinion before you let them pour!
What kind of re-enforcement does Hardcrete Inc use?
We prefer to use rerod/rebar, but again it depends on the application. Sometimes its better to use Wire Mesh, and sometimes its necessary to use Fiber. We can let you know once we have a better idea of your project.
When should someone pump a septic tank?
It depends on how you are using it. If you have a family of 12 vs. a family of 2. . . you get the picture. However, there is a rule of thumb: You are normally good for 5-10 years. Do your own research regarding the bacteria additives. See the following link for a blog on this issue: Should I use Rid-X?

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